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Our Staff & Governors



Mr T. Prewett

Deputy Headteacher
Mrs D Robertston-Stannett

Progression Step 2 Lead & DCF


Mrs A. Powell

Dosbarth Maple

Progression Step 1 Lead & Numeracy             

Miss S Griffiths

Dosbarth Ash




Miss R Bishop



Progression Step 3


Year 5/6 Teacher

Mr B Jones

Dosbarth Oak


Year 5/6 Teacher

Miss B Jones

Dosbarth Elm


Year 5/6 Teacher

Miss C Tweedy-Gane

Dosbarth Walnut



LRB2 Support Staff

Mrs P Ryan

Dosbarth Holly


LRB 2 Support Staff/

KS2 intervention

Mrs T Mundy

Dosbarth Holly


PPA Teacher/LRB 2


Miss S Rees- Newman


Progression Step 2


Year 2/3 Teacher

Miss K Conley

Dosbarth Cedar


Year  2/3 Teacher

Miss N Allen

Dosbarth Cedar

Year 2/3 Support staff & Intervention

Mrs M Chapman

Dosbarth Cedar

Year 2/3 Support staff


Dosbarth Cedar

Progression Step 1


Reception/Year 1 TA

Miss S Jones

Dosbarth Ash


Year 1/2 Teacher

Mrs R Morgan

Dosbarth Beech


Year 1/2 Support Staff

Miss L Mancino

Dosbarth Beech




Nursery Teacher

Mrs A Burke




Nursery TA / Lunchtime Support

Mrs C North-Davies



Nursery TA

Miss K Corten


LRB1 Teacher

Mrs A Isidoro

Dosbarth Birch


Mrs R Husar


Year 1/2 Teacher & LRB 1

Miss A Gibbons

Dosbarth Beech/ Birch

School Office and Support



Senior School Support Officer

Mr J Payne

School Support Officer


Miss C Green




Miss L Andrews

Family Engagement Officer

Chair of Governors – Mrs J. Woodley

Vice Chair of Governors – Cllr M Linton

Parent Governors – Mrs Lynch, Mrs Teasdale, Mrs Morgan

Teacher Representative – Miss S Griffiths

Staff Representative – Mrs S Wallace

Community Governor – Mr H Williams

Community Governor – Mrs E Williams

Community Governor – Mr D Perkins

Headteacher – Mr T Prewett

Deputy Headteacher (non-voting) – Mrs D Roberton-Stannett

Clerk – Mrs S Bennett